If You Get Health Insurance Under Obamacare Will Your Children Suffer?

Do you need health insurance in Massachusetts?  Worried that getting it through the Affordable Care Act could result in the state recovering payments made for your care against your estate after you die? Have you wondered whether or not you can protect your estate to pass it on to your children if you should end up in a nursing home? These question are very complicated and do not have easy answers. Believe it or not these questions are also part of the same discussion. State Medicaid programs, such as MassHealth in Massachusetts, have estate recovery rules. These rules allow the state to recover from someone’s estate after they die if they received benefits from Medicaid. Click the link below to read a recent Washington Post Article about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting estate recovery. If you would like to find out more ways to protect your estate, or how the Affordable Care Act may affect you, you should contact us.