Trust Administration

Trusts are often created for many reasons, such as to avoid public disclosure of assets and financial data, preserving assets by preventing the beneficiaries or their creditors from gaining access to the trust property, avoiding the probate process, etc. Since there are many reasons for trusts, there are many types of trusts. When someone dies who had a trust, or if a trust is created by someone while they are living, the trustee must meet certain legal obligations to the persons named in the trust to benefit from it-called the beneficiaries.

We can assist a Trustee who has been appointed and is acting under a trust, or where the original Trustee has died or ceased to act. There are rules in the trust document and in the law that must be followed in order to avoid liability as a trustee and we can assist in making the right decisions. We also help finalize and terminate the trust when it ends.

We can also assist beneficiaries of a trust who may have issues with the trustee or the way the trust is being administered.

If you need help in administration of a trust, please contact us.