Talking Turkey During the Holidays

How often do you get an opportunity to sit down with your whole family in one place, at one time? Maybe twice, three times a year? During this Holiday Season it makes good sense to both enjoy the blessing of family and not let the opportunity go by without making use of the events. The link below is to an article that is a great reminder that we need to think about life’s blessings at this time of year, but also use the time to discuss how we might want things to go when they are not going so well.

In good times and bad we turn to our family members: for laughter and sharing in the good times, for support and solace in the bad. Don’t let this year’s opportunity go by. If you have questions or need any further information on estate and healthcare and end of life planning or documents that help deal with critical legal issues, please contact us. Our office is open for most of the Holiday Season. Happy Holidays!